Greek style vase by the Ipsen workshop

€ 1750
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A Danish terracotta vase by the renowned Royal Terracotta Factory of Peter Ipsen. Marked at the base: "P. Ipsen Kjobenhavn Eneret 231". This elegant vase takes its form after a lekythos, a vase used by ancient Greeks for storing olive oil. ‘P. Ipsen’s Enke Kongelig Hof Terracotta-Fabrik’ opened its doors in 1843 and was soon known all over Europe, winning prices at exhibitions in London, Paris and Amsterdam. Founder Peter Ipsen got his training at the Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory, where he had started in 1833 at the age of 18. After Peter’s death in 1860 his son Bertel Ipsen became in charge of the factory. Our vase was listed in Ipsen’s catalogue (at least in an edition prior to 1886) as number 231. According to this catalogue the vase could be ordered either plain (like our vase) or with a decoration of Diana after Thorvaldsen. In the catalogue the height is marked as 42 cm: but that is only up to the rim of the vase; with handles it measures 45cm.

last quarter of the 19th century
45 cm

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