The Drawing Academy (teken zaal) at the Felix Meritis Society in Amsterdam

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Reinier Vinkeles (1741–1816) and Daniel Vrydag (1765–1822) after Pieter Barbiers II (1749–1842) and Jacques Kuyper (1761–1808). Etching and engraving. With text, vignet, publisher's name C.S. Roos, date 1801 and 'proefdruk' (proof impression). With margin. Excellent impression. Backed. A restoration at the top. Felix Meritis was founded in Amsterdam at the end of the eighteenth century to promote the arts and sciences. The society’s drawing classroom was outfitted for study from live models. It featured a wire frame affixed to the ceiling from which ropes could be hung to suspend a backdrop and support models’ arms while they posed for extended periods.

44.2 x 55.5 cm

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