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A passionate Antique dealer with a remarkable collection; trinkets, furniture, paintings and prints of decorative and artistic value; things that will add to the atmosphere of any room.

Robert Schreuder

After studies in Leiden, Bordeaux and Bologna, alongside his legal work Robert Schreuder threw himself into building up an antiques business from the year 2000. As Robert Schreuder Antiques he has now created an extraordinary collection specialised in the Grand Tour and Empire period. Robert is on the supervisory board of the art fair PAN Amsterdam and a board member of the Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands. He has managed to combine perfectly his love of history and of France and Italy with his antiques business, and among his wide circle of customers there are art lovers, collectors and museums both at home and abroad. Over the years we sold to museums like the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden or the Pushkin literary museum in Moscow.


Souvenirs of the Grand Tour, items for in the study, collectables, Napoleonica, paintings, prints and furniture from the Neoclassical, Empire, and Regency – all these can be found in the collection of Robert Schreuder Antiques. The collection reflects the history of Europe in the hundred years from 1750 to 1850. The stories of the young aristocrats who made the Grand Tour to Rome and Naples, tales of Napoleon’s campaigns and an insight into how they have influenced architects, sculptors and furniture designers right up to the present day. Any of these items are just as at home in a modern as a classical setting.


If you require delivery of your purchases, we can arrange that easily, by appointment. For deliveries outside the Netherlands we can help arrange tenders for packing, transport and insurance cost, from external companies specialising in the packaging and transport of art and antiquities. If you accept their offer, we will then ensure that all your purchases are delivered to the carrier.

Sourcing of Objects

We can assist you in your search for any item that falls within our area of expertise. As soon as we locate the item you will be contacted to see if you wish us to go ahead with the acquisition on your behalf – or of course we can simply supply you with more information about it. 


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