The Campo San Moise in Venice


Veduta del Campo di S. Moise in Venetia. Engraving, below image with text: Veduta del Campo di S. Moise in VENETIA // Per Domenico Lovisa à Rialto. Domenico Lovisa was a publisher in early 18th-century Venice. In 1715, a group of Venetian aristocrats embarked on an ambitious project: a series of engravings containing 100 images of Venetian buildings and another 100 engravings after famous paintings. The project was handed over a few years later to Domenico Lovisa who, as we read on the etching, was based near the Rialto Bridge. The renowned engraver Andrea Zucchi produced the plates. The set was published from 1717 under the title: "Il gran teatro di Venezia" (in full: Il gran teatro di Venezia ovvero descrizzione esatta di cento delle più insigni prospettive, e di altretante celebri pitture della medesima città.). The engravings were undoubtedly a favourite souvenir among travellers who visited the lagoon city during their Grand Tour.


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